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Many at times we say something in a bid to express what we feel but we always end up using the wrong phrase which surprisingly most of us don’t know are wrong. How many times do we pick a phrase without getting it correctly and end up using it when talking?.  I cannot even count the number of times I have picked a statement from my friends and ended up using it e.g. ‘HARD AS HELL‘ . It took me my whole childhood to realize that we do not say ‘hard as hell’ but ‘Hard as hail.(mouth agape) yes it really is HARD AS HAIL. Think about it, can we really measure how hard hell is?. I thought so. You can close your mouth now, when I found out I was shook too.

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It’s end week today and I thought today would make perfect day to educate some of us on the most common mistakes we make when talking. Perhaps you could use some of these correctly during this long Madaraka weekend.. You would be surprised by the number of people who seem to think these are correct.

People say ‘I COULD CARE LESS’ when they should say’ I COULDN’T CARE LESS’. When you say you couldn’t care less you mean you literally do not care and no amount of not caring could beat what you have.

You can quickly tag our lecturers on this one. ‘FOR ALL INTENSIVE PURPOSES’. This is used to mean all major reasons. What they should say however is ‘FOR ALL INTENT AND PURPOSES


How about ‘NIPPED IN THE BUTT’  to mean having resolved a problem. What we should say is ‘NIPPED IN THE BUD’ to mean we took care of the problem before it budded or got more serious. Makes sense?

YOU HAVE ANOTHER THING COMING’ when said in a statement does not sound wrong. Let’s take an instance where you  and your friends are talking and you said something they did not expect and you would go like ‘you think?’ then what would be right to say after  would be ‘YOU HAVE ANOTHER THINK COMING

What are other phrases that we say wrong?

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