4 Tips to Get Your Customer Service To The Top

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What is product knowledge?

You might be trying to figure out what this word means. In lay man’s language; product knowledge is the understanding that you have about a product or service. It is a key skill that each call center agent must strive to have. The more your agents know about the product the easier it becomes for them to effectively answer customer inquiries. This in the long run will positively impact customer’s perception of your brand and whether or not they should continue using your products.

How to Rise to the Top of Customer Service Experience 

1. Regular training sessions

In order for your call center agents to have more product knowledge they need to have training sessions that are systematic. This means that the agents need to learn from one knowledge source and have a common orientation structure. This will reduce cases of contradiction and improve the chances that the product knowledge passed on will be more reliable and consistent. The trick is having continuous training sessions, no less than twice in a month however, the more sessions the better.

2. Hands on experience

The most crucial way to ensure that the product knowledge sticks on your call center agents minds is by ensuring that they use the actual products or services that they will be selling to clients. This will ensure familiarity with the various product features through constant exposure to them. In addition the refresher training sessions need to be based on the actual experience that your call center agents are having with the clients. When you make the training sessions more realistic and product specific, your BPO agents will find it easier to put their learning into practice.

3. Compensation and rewards

Your training sessions might be realistic and even quite engaging but your efforts will not bear fruits if your BPO agents do not feel motivated to learn. This means you need to come up with a compensation and incentive program that will motivate your agents to want to learn. You can introduce things such as bonus pay, paid leaves or incentives to the best performing call center agents during your training sessions.

3. Manuals and references

Having a database or publishing reference materials that your call center agents can access easily is one of the ways of reinforcing product knowledge. These materials will not only help your call center agents to self-learn but also interact more with your products at their own pace. However you need to make sure that your manuals and reference materials are constantly updated to ensure 100 percent accuracy.

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