6 Traits Professionals Have and Amateurs Don’t

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Does Professionalism have a face? Firstly, to many people professionalism in the work place could cover different aspects. Secondly, Some of us will take professionalism to mean being dressed the part or delivering at work. Moreover, the HR department could probably interpret this as having the right certifications. I concur with all the above ideologies because really when we magnify the term professionalism. It really does encompass the definitions I have put forth. An office is not a place, where people live by unfettered means . We all have rules to abide by, for that professional feel and touch. Here are some pointers we could use to add professionalism in our respective fields,

Pro Traits

  1. Specialization: It’s not very uncommon, to find an individual working in a very different place from what their college field of study was. What really matters however, is that such a person masters their specialized knowledge needed to succeed in their respective fields. Mastering the knowledge is just not enough, we need to be able to keep this knowledge up to date so as to continue delivering at work. Probably, the next time one has a birthday in the office, care to gift them a book that will enhance their expertise.
  2. Competency: ‘Professionals do not give excuses’ by unknown. This I write in finality. Always get your job done.
  3. Honesty and Integrity: It is quite obvious that, you as a professional should never compromise your values or break your word. Let us learn to take correction and also ask for help whenever need be.                                                                          
  4. Emotional Intelligence: This particularly is key especially in jobs that involve constant customer interaction. Employees should always, master the art of not letting a bad day dictate how they interact with clients and fellow employees.
  5. Look the part: By this I mean, MIND YOUR GROOMING. Master your work environment; what is and what is not acceptable to work. Stay polished folks!
  6. Time Management: It’s 2018 do we still need to emphasize that time is money? I guess not.

                                                        HAVE A PROFESSIONALISM-FILLED DAY!

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