Mom Knows Best: Harnessing the Wisdom of Motherhood for Exceptional Customer Relations

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Motherhood and customer service: where patience meets its match! From soothing a crying baby to calming an irate customer— we would never have guessed that parenting and handling customer complaints could have so much in common!

Come to think of it, there is a lot we stand to learn from motherhood that should foster our customer relations: the need to be empathetic, paying attention to details, and being effective in our communication just to mention a few.

Speaking of effective communication- for something to be done right, it has to be spelled out right, isn’t it? Our African mothers know this too well. You can’t miss a thing they say, let alone what they mean. (FYI, you have to be keen to get the tone; otherwise, you’ll be in hot soup). Our mothers, God bless their hearts! It may be possible to miss out on all the cues in her speaking( on very rare occasions), but you can’t miss out on the looks she gives. There is an “eye” for every context and message. Woe unto you if you ignore this one.

And have you ever noticed? Nothing seems to escape the keen eye of these astute women.Their keeness and attention to detail is something else. One look at you and they can tell you everything you have experienced in your day and how you feel. Imagine calling your customer care representative and a voice on the other end is soothing, calming, and firm—just like your mama’s. They understand your issue, and hey, from your tone, they can even tell that you probably had a bad day, and they take it upon themselves to see to it that the matter troubling you is resolved. Beautiful, right? This empathy is unmatched!

I could go on and on and on. God knows a day will not suffice to celebrate our mothers and the lessons we can learn from them—vast-no volumes of books are enough to contain this!

Whether you’re a supermom or a stellar customer service rep, remember, it’s not just about meeting needs—it’s about exceeding expectations with a touch of finesse, a dash of humor, and a heap of empathy. After all, in the world of both motherhood and customer service, a little wit and a lot of heart can go a long way!

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