Cold Calling – 6 Tips

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A few years ago it was quite easy to get business by traditional advertisement on print media. Times have changed and potential customers are flooded with ads on literally every platform. To blanket ads are not only expensive but as a business it’s not possible to tell their impact. Cold Calling is a targeted technique that involves making calls to prospected clients also known as leads  and convert prospects to customers.

The following six cold calling techniques are proven to transform prospects to customers.  

Make a first great impression

First impressions are important, this is when a sale is closed or lost. Fumbling at this stage loses the customer and drops the level sincerity preserved by the prospect.  To make a great first impression, rehearse your opening line as many times as possible until you perfect it.

Personalize your proposal

Building a relationship with your client is what you aim to do when cold calling. You want the client to feel comfortable and open to speak to you. At the same time you need to be prepared and have all the information ready in case the client asks you any question you can assure them that you will provide a solution specifically catered for them.

Call at the right time

You do not want to call the client too early or too late as this will make them agitated and not willing to speak to you. This then means that you need to keep a track of the timings to ensure you call the client at the most convenient time for them. It does not hurt to even ask the client when the best time to contact them will be!

Be confident

You need to be so sure about the services and products that you offer and always ensure not to over promise the client because this does not always end well. Give the client information that is true and concise and sound confident when you are doing this. You should also remember that though you want to be confident when informing the client about your products and services, do not be so over confident, nobody appreciates this quality.

Listen to the client

Most call center agents have one weakness which is they tend to hear clients rather than listening to them. Listening to a client makes him or her feel valued and that you care for what they are saying and are not only interested in closing a sale. When cold calling ensure to listen to what the client is telling you to see how your products or services can add value to them.

Talk about benefits instead of features

A client might listen to you as you go on and on about the features of the product or service that you are selling. But what they really want to hear is how that product or service will be beneficial to them. This means that even as you talk to a client prioritize on telling them the benefits of using your service or product rather than just the features of the product or service.

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