Top Logistics Companies in Kenya Hiring BPO Services.

Have you ever ordered a good and paid for its delivery? How was the experience- were you tense? Impatient maybe?  Did you call their customer service from time to time to check on the dispatch?
Well, I  have done all that and I assure you,  there’s usually no rest until my dispatch arrives and is in its best condition.

Like you,  I am always on the call trying to get a real-time update on the status of my goods, and if not, I am making follow up on Customs Clearance or Pricing and Quotes, Lost or Damaged Shipments, how to make the PaymentsPickup and the Drop-off Arrangements. Lucky for me, I haven’t received poor service from the customer support guys like some friends of mine rant about every day.

Now, come close, I want to share a secret. Unknown to them( and maybe you)  most logistics companies do not have an in-house customer support team-   they choose to outsource this service (to BPOS like  Telesky)- it’s so heavy that they need help in managing it- so that they focus on core administrative tasks. In essence,  what  I am saying is that the guys you call are not employed by the logistics company. Be easy on them *wink.

So that is what it is. Do not downplay those guys though- their quality of work and service delivery are integral to the company’s growth,  and otherwise.
This is the secret that Aramex, a leading logistics company in Kenya decided to grab and build on.
In 2017, Aramex’s investments in customer-centric technologies and processes have directly contributed to increasing the company’s goodwill by AED 55,059 thousand (  that translated to 1,926,235.51 Kenyan Shilling).

If that is not enough, Aramex’s revenue from its International Express segment, which includes customer-focused offerings like same-day and next-day delivery, grew by 4% year-over-year in the third quarter of last year.

This team is not here to play, it has placed a strong emphasis on enhancing customer service and experience through digital transformation, which has played a significant role in driving the company’s growth, customer loyalty, and overall business sustainability. In the world of logistics, Amerax is a force to be reckoned with – Its focus on customer service has been a key competitive advantage.
So there you have it.  Are you having trouble with customers in your logistics firm? Why don’t you copy  Aramex’s strategy?
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