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Salaries have been paid, but it wasn’t the amount we had been hoping for. Elvis said the business was not doing well, so no salary raise this time. Still, it was something to cushion us for the first week, even if it would run out by the second week.

Normally, we would go out for dinner at the end of every month to celebrate. But this time, I wasn’t looking forward to it. After last week’s events, no one wanted to associate with me. I didn’t want to seek their acceptance either. I would rather resign than see the look of triumph on Stan’s face once he hears that I am seeking to make amends.

Dinner was going fine until Lisa passed by me – snobbishly as she had been for the previous week, her nose high in the air and her eyes set I don’t know where. She was just past me when a neatly folded small piece of paper dropped from her jacket. I wanted to call her attention to it, but remembering how much she dislikes me, I thought otherwise.

The note was clean, meaning that whatever was written there in was most definitely recent. I couldn’t resist the temptation to take a peek.

I unfolded the paper, my heart beat like the pistons of a v12-cylinder engine and nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to read.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Lisa, the prim and proper one, was having an affair with our IT boss!

This was a scandal waiting to happen.

I stood there, stunned, unsure of what to do with this explosive information. Should I confront Lisa? Show the note to Elvis? Or keep it to myself and use it as leverage? As I wrestled with these thoughts, Lisa suddenly turned around and noticed the paper in my hand.

Her eyes widened in horror as she realized what I had discovered. She rushed towards me, her face flushed with panic.”Give me that!” she hissed, trying to snatch the note from my grasp.

I held it out of her reach, a wicked grin spreading across my face.

“Not so fast, Lisa. I think we need to have a little chat.”

I walked away from the table leaving a distraught Lisa and ten other pairs of confused eyes boring on my back.

And just like that, the tables had turned. I now held the power in my hands, and how sweet that felt! I was determined to use it to my advantage, but first, let me get away from here. Let my absence torment her, she’s been asking for it for so long anyway.

She should’ve been careful what she wished for.

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