When Everything Goes Wrong: Hotline

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The public is under the authority of numerous entities from health, security, transport, safety, name them. All these institutions have dos and don’ts. Unfortunately, specific relevant information is usually easily accessible. Especially during an emergency. If you have an injured pedestrian calling for help or lost your bag at a waiting lounge. The first course of action is not to search the web for “how to” but to call someone for help.

Large government institutions, nonprofits and social service agencies all require a public service hotline to record and report information accurately and responsibly. Callers are expected to speak directly or anonymously and confidentially to professional helping agents, who are sensitive to callers’ needs.

A dedicated call center helpline instantly transforms service delivery by enabling the public communicate directly and get served. On the other hand the public entity benefits by collecting crucial data to enable resource allocation and deployment of services where they are needed.

When everything goes wrong, one hopes for a hotline to call for help and that the help come to their rescue in good time.

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