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“Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They expect you to fix things when they go wrong”        Donald Porter

I get to live that quote each day, I know it might sound cliché but interacting with people each day is interesting, knowing you played part in making an otherwise dull day for someone productive is Fulfilling, especially working in a call center as a customer service representative.

One of the many things I love about my job is that I get to be a solver or fixer of the everyday problems our clients face daily. The problems can at times be hilarious trust me when I say I have held laughter on one too many calls, challenging that you probably wished you had taken that science class seriously instead of daydreaming of a vacation to Santorini Greece, and my personal favorite the conspiracy theories.

What happens then in the midst of a worldwide epidemic when no one knows facts from fiction? When the conspiracy theories the myths and the misconceptions have you believing in all sorts of gossip? You who should be the voice of reason. The one who should calm the many panicked thoughts running through everyone’s mind. You should have the full information on when, where, how, and why it is happening. You remain calm in the midst of the chaos. You reassure and provide proven facts. Most importantly you remain patient and cheerful, even when the person is testing your patience.

There is a popular Japanese saying that one kind word can warm three winter words this saying is aptly reflected on the yellow walls on our office symbolize the positivity as a team we aspire to bring even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic when none of you know myth from facts. The clarity we strive to give each caller and the joy we aspire to spread.

Even in the worst of days when probably you are late to work because the ‘matatu’ driver decided to use the longer route and your team lead is on your case, you are supposed to have that ability to smile through your call and ensure the client ends the call better than the call started. You may never know who is calling, it could be the president calling to find out if his citizens are getting the correct information or it could be your neighbor calling because they are scared and they believe you on the other end of the call has all the answers they need.

At times when I gaze at the yellow walls I usually wonder how did David feel when he had to fight Goliath, how does Kipchoge Keino feel every time he has to run a marathon knowing among his many competitors each has a goal, a goal to defeat the greatest of all. What about Lionel Messi or Ronaldo that moment they have to score that goal that one goal that could tip the scales and they either win or lose that one goal that has millions of fans at the edge of their seats.

Perhaps at that moment that single moment, you realize you have to give it your all, your one hundred that you are changing the narrative. That you are part of the few who are in the background who are making a difference. Because as Mahatma Gandhi said the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

By; Njogu Joy Wanjuhi

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