3 Keys to Customer Loyalty

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Restoring Damaged Customer Relationship

An angry customer is an equivalent of a ticking time bomb that can explode at any given time, thanks to technological advancements.

From a business perspective losing a single customer has the potential to open the flood gates for others to walk out as well, provided the dissatisfied customer gives negative feedback or poor ratings.

As a result, companies have been grappling with the problem of how to restore damaged customer relations. A sure way to answer this is through the adoption of the service recovery strategy. 

Monopolies and other huge players in the business sector realized this and are fully enjoying its benefits. Through effective service recovery strategies, companies can surely solidify their market shares’

Def-Service recovery entails the process of extending a hand to customers who have had a negative experience with your product or services and inquiring on how to improve the next experiences. This philosophy builds upon the principle of taking responsibility and ownership. 

A properly executed service recovery presents several gains for any organization regardless of the industry in which it operates.

  • Customer retention-Establishing a loyal customer base is a dream of any business. And to guarantee a long-term engagement, businesses have to strive to achieve and establish a positive customer experience.
  • Brand exposure-Social media is a very powerful tool currently; having a positive review on social media sites is critical in enhancing brand exposure and cementing a positive brand image.
  • Customer acquisition-Gaining new customers is a positive indicator for growth for any business. A sure way to attract more customers is to ensure a positive customer experience and act upon the negative experiences. 

Steps for Implementing service recovery

To adequately haveabetter and effective service recovery and restore damaged customer relationships. Companies have to;

  • Establish a proper channel of collecting feedback from its customers. This has been a challenge for most companies despite having a social media presence. Communication experts all agree that for the process to be deemed complete and successful, then a feedback channel has to be in place. Investing in customer communication technology is a must-have if a business is to enjoy the benefits of service recovery.
  • Feedback analysis and interpretation-It is not only important to get feedback but how this information is interpreted is essential. It is in human nature to always seek to justify their acts and pull the defense card. But often, this blows back to organizations. Accurately interpreting feedback without the need of taking defense reinforces customers’ confidence in a brand.
  • Prompt response to customer’s feedback-Acting efficiently and timely is a basic necessity in repairing customer relationships. Time is essential, and huge businesses understand this; they respond to feedback as soon as possible regardless of its nature. For instance when Apple was accused of offering only a two-year warranty to its Chinese customers. The company did not respond to these claims in a timely manner until the mainstream media picked it up and the Apple’s CEO Tim Cook eventually had to make a public apology. Do not wait for this to happen to your company. Additionally, at this stage, companies have to follow up with the dissatisfied clients and ask for their feedback on how the raised concerns were acted upon.

Keep improving your company’s service recovery and customer experience, and watch how you grow exponentially. 


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