The Mole!

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Every office has individuals with 3 kinds of characters- the good( bosses love these, and they get promotions very fast), the bad( the ones we tolerate), and the ugly ( office moles, snitches, and nonteam players all fall into this category).

My name is Karis and well, it seems I’ve achieved quite a reputation at the office. My colleagues have unanimously dubbed me the “office mole,” apparently believing that I was strategically placed there by higher-ups to spy on them.

As ridiculous as that sounds, I must admit it’s quite an honor to hold such a prestigious title. It’s not my fault if I happen to be more chummy with the boss -closer than they are comfortable with. I mean, I might have divulged a bit more information than I should have, but hey, it’s all in the spirit of friendship, right? And who can blame me for seizing the opportunity to cozy up to the person who approves salary rises and promotions?

It is matters of salary raise that brought about this whole saga. The team and I were getting a bit fed up with the runaround from management- we had asked for a salary rise for so long and all they ever did was manage us. So, naturally, we decided to stir the pot a bit with some good old-fashioned “go slow” tactics.

Of course, it wasn’t long before our dear friend Stan ( it is Stan who suggested that we do this- he was the ringleader) got himself into a bit of trouble and earned me the team’s resentment. (They believe that I snitched on them. Yes, I did snitch on them but also asked Elvis, the boss, not to fire him.) But hey, who needs their acceptance when you hold the power to have their “community office husbands” fired at the snap of a finger?

So at the moment, everyone is mad at me. I sit alone at lunchtime and nobody talks with me. I count it a blessing in disguise- I have the freedom to see things from an unbiased perspective, right? And that, my friends, is a skill that’s in high demand if I am to serve up piping hot “tea” on office drama, fights, office crushes, and breakups every week.

What do we say?

Cheers to being the office mole!

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