How Well Do You Know Call Center Jargon?

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They say women are from Venus and the language there is different. To connect with them you need to understand their language. It is the same with every industry. “Double Park” means to park behind another car in the motoring industry.

If you work in a call center there is a a unique mode of communication that employees have to adhere to. Having in-depth knowledge about call center jargon is critical. Here are eleven terms than an agent has to embrace.


Handled calls – The number of calls that came into the call center that were handled by a specific agent

Hold Time – Amount of time that elapses when a customer is put on hold by an agent (Normally less than 40 seconds)

Wrap up Codes – Unique codes to help an agent identify the type of calls. For example C.I for Complete Information

Ticketing – It is a way of tracking a customer’s queries or issues. Divided into two types. F.C.R (First Call Resolution) – The agent is able to close resolve a customer query on the first call. Escalation – Means the agent needs to send the customer request to the back office for further assistance. 

Time Per Call Average – It is the average amount of time an agent spends on a call with a customer.

Preview Dialer – Allows a call center agent to view information of the caller prior to answering a call.

Tier – The classification of agents according to the level of skills and knowledge and expertise.

Remote Access – Ability to access functions or data bases from an external location via an internet connection.

Call Volume – The number of calls fielded by agents in a specific time frame.

Call Blending – A service that allows an agent to handle both inbound and outbound calls depending on the call volume.

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