To Be a Good Manager You Must Do this One Thing

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Have you wondered how some companies have employees who have great commitment to their jobs? Well then you can probably go ahead and read this article as I try break down factors that keep employees in a company motivated. It is key that employers forge the right relationships with their employees. When employers have already fostered a great relationship with their employees, employees will always be keen to go over and beyond to support the organization at large.

As a manager do not shy off from asking for new suggestions that could help boost up employee spirits in the work environment. Something that particularly works for companies is having an Open Door Policy. The main purpose of an open policy is to encourage growth, high performance and success throughout the organization.  

The policy is meant to encourage employees to not shy from pitching suggestions/ questions to the management. The main goal for companies that want to practice this is to use it as a morale booster and establish an environment of trust. The company can encourage that employees do activities together as a team without putting emphasis on the hierarchy. It is about setting the right balance where the employees still respect the management but at the same time are still able to freely express their needs and concerns. Having that right balance in the workplace ensures that employees are able to still be themselves without fearing their seniors. Relationships are the core ingredient of a company’s success. You definitely don’t need a set of employees who fear those in the management .Let us remember that there is a huge difference between fear and respect. With the right leadership balance, respect will always take a permanent place in an open door policy type of work environment. Work will always be a fun environment and employees will always be able to yield high results. Did you also know that this Open Door Policy is what brought forth the open office spaces just to break the rigidity at work and promote office collaboration?  Now you know.

Another way to keep employees motivated is ensuring that the manager is able to brainstorm with his or her team. This creates a sense of importance among the employees as they are able to feel like their opinions are valued. Every opinion plays a great role not only in team work but just giving them the satisfaction and assurance of how important they are to the growth of their company. Your employees are your VIP; do not make them feel any less. Listening is also another way to foster trust and encourage your employees. Always LISTEN as they will tell you exactly what is on the ground.

Accolades.  Accolades sounds like a huge deal however managers can learn how to appreciate a good job. It is important that the management appreciates any good work done. If there is great a performance from an employee you can ensure that you try reward them, could be a tiny gift but it goes a long way. Other employees will get motivated and try ensure that the next month they are able to be the best. A small token of appreciation here and there could act as a motivational factor. Everybody loves it when they are appreciated.

Fun activities. Our company has a beautiful culture whereby we do funky Fridays. This is where we dress up. We all choose a coordinated color code for our dressing.  We all look forward to seeing what members of the team will wear. This is a fun way to ensure that we break the boring traditional monotonous dressing restricted to the work environment.  Monotony is boring.

Games.  “All work without play makes Jack a dull boy”. Office Games are a great way to engage employees on a boring afternoon or when spirits are low and need a little bit of a boost e.g. Two truths one lie. Each member comes up with two truths and one lie which they tell to their colleagues and those colleagues should decipher which is the lie. This is a great way for colleagues to get to know each other.  You can always look up more games that will suit your company.

Another great way to motivate your employees is showing them that you TRUST them.

             “Trust is earned when words meet actions!”

by Chris Butler

Do not talk about trusting employees when your actions have no weight.  Lack of trust in the employees is a huge factor that contributes in lack of motivation among them. As a leader you need to be able to trust and believe that your employees have the company’s best interest at heart without following them around or being on their necks. I have always been a keen believer that whenever someone trusts me enough with a task, I am obliged to do my best to always prove why they ever trusted me with the task in the first place. Let staff own their day to day responsibilities in the workplace. What does your company do to ensure that the employees stay motivated? Let us know.

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