Startups are Finding New Ways to Win on Social Media

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Social Media Marketing  Cant Be Avoided.

There are over 3.2 billion daily active social media users in the world. That is 42% of global population. 90% of these users are millennials. Every startup needs a social media strategy to succeed. 42% market share cannot be wished away. Social media has toppled governments. It has created waves and directly influenced every sector of our world.

Customer complains are expected in business. The question is, do businesses have an open ear when customers complain? Does the business hear customers talking about it? Social media has revolutionized the marketplace. Customers for instance detest the fact that, they can call a Company’s helpline and it goes unanswered. Or reach out it it’s Facebook page (read social media accounts) and all efforts go unnoticed.

Why use social media marketing?

Studies have shown that out of every three customers, prefers social media to calling the customer care line. Incorporating social media with good phone service is a sure recipe for a company’s success. Social Media Marketing plays a key role in marketing. This is because its a passive social-informative interaction.

TeleSky specializes in providing companies with social media management. We work tirelessly to transform a company’s social media presence.

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