How to Deliver on Customer Care

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Customer service skills that are a must have for any call center champion

“Oh no, I do not know how to use this product!”

“Shoot, I am not happy with this service!”

“Oh my, I need to get more information about the product!!”

All these are questions or remarks that clients might have after purchasing a product or service. This is where you, as a call center agent come in and need to help. Below, are some vital skills that any call center agent needs to have to work more effectively in a BPO setting. 

Product knowledge

First, In the realm of customer service, having complete product knowledge cannot be under-stated. There is very little chance that, you will call a customer with limited product knowledge and convince then to buy or use your products. Product knowledge makes a call center agent to sound confident and competent. This will in-turn, lead to a higher chance of a sale or customer satisfaction. Call center agents should undergo frequent refresher trainings. Undertake more practical skills than theory, participate in role plays and aspire to get incentives for higher than average product knowledge. 

Outgoing and energetic personality

Secondly, Imagine speaking to call center agent and trying to explain to them your problem but the agent is not motivated to talk to you. This makes you not willing to call them again and there is a high likelihood that you would not want to interact and use this product or service again. But picture this, an agent greats you with a smile, then they go an extra mile to ensure that your questions are effectively and adequately answered, you will be happy and a happy customer equals to repeat business. This is a skill that cannot be overlooked and as a call center agent in a BPO you need to ensure that you always start and end a call with energy!!

Great Listening skills

Thirdly, There is normally a huge difference between hearing and listening to a client. There are those minor details that you might not grasp if you are just hearing a client but as a call center agent you need to be a great listener. For instance a client tells you of a problem that you have been handling so many times, there is a chance that you might jump into conclusions and suggest a solution that you have been giving all the other clients. However this should not be the case as each client should be handled differently according to the problem at hand, make sure to always keep an open mind, do not jump into conclusions and always ask for clarifications if need be.

Problem solving skills

Finally, This is one skill that is quite crucial for a call center agent to have. A client will call you either because they need more information on products but also mainly because they have a problem that they need to get a solution from you. Being able to solve a client’s issue effectively will make the client trust your products and service more, reduce the chances of having irate clients and of course increase revenue due to repeat business and referrals. For you to be an effective problem solver make sure to start by apologizing for the issue at hand and solve the problem as fast as you can without overpromising the client on something that you are not sure about.

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