The idea for a day honoring Father’s is generally attributed to Sonora Dodd, a woman raised by her father after her mother died in childbirth, according to the Library of Congress. In 1910, Dodd was apparently listening to a church service on Mother’s Day, and she began to think about everything her father had done for her growing up.

Father’s Day is an opportunity for your business to recognise and show appreciation to Fathers. Here are some ideas,

  1. Special Offers and Discounts: Create Father’s Day-specific promotions, such as discounted prices or exclusive deals on products and services. Consider offering bundled packages that cater specifically to fathers.
  2. Gifts: Curate a gift guide featuring your products or services that would make great Father’s Day presents. Categorize gifts by interests or types of fathers (e.g., tech-savvy dads, sports enthusiasts) to help customers find the perfect gift quickly.
  3. Gift Cards: Provide Father’s Day-themed gift cards or e-gift cards, allowing customers to purchase them for their fathers or loved ones.
  4. Collaborations: Partner with other complementary businesses to create joint promotions or gift bundles. For example, a restaurant could collaborate with a spa to offer a special “Father’s Day Experience” package that includes a meal and a relaxing spa treatment.
  5. Father’s Day Events: Organize or sponsor events that celebrate fathers, such as charity runs, sports tournaments, or family-friendly activities. These events provide opportunities for brand exposure and can create positive associations with your business.

Remember to tailor these strategies to suit your specific business and target audience. By tapping into the spirit of Father’s Day and providing thoughtful solutions for customers, businesses can maximize their potential during this holiday

What Do Dad’s Want on Father’s Day?


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