8 Ways to Make Your Monday Better

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Why do Mondays feel so weird? Let’s face it, Monday is tough on all of us. Most people feel anxious and dread work after relaxing on the weekend. The weekend is never long enough, and you’re probably wishing it was Friday again. Fortunately, Mondays don’t have to be long and painful, so here are 8 tips to help you breeze through the day.

1. Get up early

Remember the proverb “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”? While it is associated with older generations, the saying still rings true to this day, as getting up early helps you calmly attend to your affairs and be more productive. To help you achieve this, try sleeping earlier, limiting your phone usage at night, and forming a consistent routine.

2. Follow a Monday morning ritual

Something as simple as stretching exercise, making yourself a coffee, or taking a walk can make your Monday mornings flow and prevent the stress associated with returning to work. Knowing what to expect is also calming and can help you get through your Monday with ease.

3. Prep on Sunday evening

Few things are more frustrating than realizing you forgot your earphones, or even worse, your wallet at home before getting on the bus or train. You can avoid this by prepping the night before, as you are less likely to forget your headphones when you’re not rushing to beat traffic.

4. Clean your home on Sunday

Nothing makes your Monday harder than coming home to a filthy house at the end of an already long day. Instead, do your chores over the weekend to ensure you come home to relax and unwind.

5. Use your Monday to set the tone for the week

Starting your week off on the wrong footing can lead to laziness and procrastination for the rest of the week. Rather than wasting your Monday, you can exercise, catch up with your favorite book, or partake in a hobby to feel motivated. Remember, procrastination is a habit, and putting things off because you feel overwhelmed at the moment only leads to regret in future.

6. Take breaks
You may be tempted to distract yourself with a funny TikTok, but research shows that taking a break in nature is better for your mental focus. You can also take a nap, meditate or exercise to refresh your mind.

7. Get a treat

Having something to look forward to can greatly enhance your mood. It could be a snack or lunch with friends, but it helps distract you from the stress of Monday and helps you stay within budget. This is because if you designate Mondays as a treat day, you can prevent yourself from spending more on other days to make up for Monday.

8. Avoid big meetings on Monday

While you can’t control when you have meetings, you can avoid scheduling meetings first thing on Monday morning, especially if they require prep time. You’ll likely forget or ignore this obligation over the weekend and scramble to complete it, so it’s wise to save it for the afternoon, or better yet, another day.

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